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Swan Bitcoin

Set up low-cost recurring bitcoin purchases. 


Global Asset Allocation by Meb Faber

Meb Faber is a co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management.  His book, Global Asset Allocation is a tremendously insightful survey of the world’s top investment strategies. The book contains an extensive collection of historical performance data.

Personal Capital – Financial Software 

Personal Capital has free tools for tracking your wealth. You can link your investment accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, and even your home value from Zillow. 

Finviz – Stock Screener

Stock screener, research, economic data, insider trading, and news.

Portfolio Visualizer – Backtester

Portfolio Visualizer is the best backtesting software available for free. 

Whale Wisdom – 13F Filings 

Research & replicate portfolios of the world’s best investors.

DATAROMA – 13F Filings

Track the portfolios of successful investors.

Global Index Briefing: MSCI Forward P/Es

Forward Price/Earnings Ratios around the world.