“If you desire a ride to Baghdad, here is a magic carpet; if you desire your enemy dead, here is a magic doll; if you desire unlimited riches, here is a forecast of interest rates.” – Deirdre McCloskey

2015 Recap

The Shaperfunds portfolio returned 3.65% in 2015, 5.3% better than my benchmark, the S&P 500 Index. According to the Absolute Return Composite Index, the average hedge fund lost 0.09% for the year.  Below is a chart showing the Shaperfund portfolio versus my benchmark. The 5.3% outperformance is a result of stock selection and market timing. The […]

Portfolio Update 11/9/15

Today was a great day for me thanks in part to speculation that Canadian Pacific is interested in buying Norfolk Southern. Norfolk Southern and CSX Corp. accounted for 3.1% of my portfolio at the beginning of today and closed up 11% and 3% respectively. Here is my portfolio as of close today: Here is my […]