SolarCity Shares are Undervalued

Elon Musk’s decision to attempt an acquisition of SolarCity in an all-stock deal wasn’t because of impending financial doom at SolarCity, though that may have contributed. Incorporating solar was part of Elon Musks original master plan written 10 years ago. This is a logical time to buy solarCity based on Tesla’s progression and a current focus […]


“If you desire a ride to Baghdad, here is a magic carpet; if you desire your enemy dead, here is a magic doll; if you desire unlimited riches, here is a forecast of interest rates.” – Deirdre McCloskey

2015 Recap

The Shaperfunds portfolio returned 3.65% in 2015, 5.3% better than my benchmark, the S&P 500 Index. According to the Absolute Return Composite Index, the average hedge fund lost 0.09% for the year.  Below is a chart showing the Shaperfund portfolio versus my benchmark. The 5.3% outperformance is a result of stock selection and market timing. The […]