Dispelling the Bitcoin FUD

As I’m sure you are all aware by now, I’m interested in Bitcoin. I have known about cryptocurrencies for the better part of a decade. Like most Financial Advisors, I was, and still am, extremely critical. We’ve seen initial coin offering (ICO) fraud, rug pulls, useless technologies, blatant jokes, and bona fide bubbles. It’s a space that’s lacking in judgement and ripe with corruption. 

Bitcoin, the original blockchain, is different. Bitcoin is elegant, secure, fair, and I’d argue, is going to change humanity in a big way. It’s taken me well over a thousand hours of reading and studying since Spring of 2020 to come to this conclusion. 

Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps Bitcoin was just a false beacon of truth in a world that wasn’t making sense at the time. But if I’m right and Bitcoin is becoming the backbone of the global trade and global payments systems, it’s not just an asymmetrical investment opportunity, it’s a necessity that folks are educated and out ahead of these changes. 

This is why I’m starting a weekend writing series called, Dispelling the Bitcoin FUD. Here’s an outline of the topics I’ll cover in the weeks to come:

  • Bitcoin’s “Intrinsic Value” 
  • Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption
  • Bitcoin Scaling/Properties as a Medium of Exchange 
  • Regulation, Bans, and Government Actions
  • What About Other Cryptocurrencies?
  • Hacks, Lost Coins, and other Potential Deficiencies 
  • Bitcoin’s Volatility
  • Bitcoin’s Concentration & Equality 
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Am I Too late? 
  • What About Inflation, Don’t We Need Inflation? 

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