Market Update

It’s a glorious day!

On this day in history, April 30th, 1897, British physicist J.J. Thomson announced his discovery that atoms were made up of smaller components. This finding revolutionized the way scientists thought about the atom and had major ramifications for the field of physics. Though Thompson referred to them as “corpuscles,” what he found is more commonly known today as the electron. This was an important first step in the invention of Bitcoin.

Economic Data Today:

News of the Day:  

U.S. Household Income Surged by Record 21.1% in March

World shares off record peak, dollar edges higher

China Orders Tech Giants to Unbundle Financial Services

Other News & Blogs:

The Spectrum of Optimism and Pessimism

Stock Market Returns Are Anything But Average

Trevor Lawrence Signs Endorsement Deal With Cryptocurrency App

Weekend Podcast Recommendations:

Odd Lots – What Adam Tooze Learned About the World Last Year

Animal Spirits – The YOLO Economy

What Bitcoin Did – The Bitcoin Supercycle Revisited with Dan Held


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