Market Update

On this day in history, Millions stolen from JFK Airport in infamous ‘Lufthansa heist’ – On December 11, 1978 half a dozen masked robbers raided the Lufthansa Airlines cargo building at JFK Airport in New York, making off with more than $5 million in cash ($21 million in today’s dollars or 1,166 Bitcoin) and almost $1 million in jewelry. To this day, the Lufthansa heist, as it is known, is considered one of the greatest in U.S. history. The plan was dreamed up by Peter Gruenewald, a Lufthansa cargo worker at JFK Airport. Gruenewald knew that Lufthansa regularly flew large amounts of unmarked cash from Europe—the U.S. currency exchanged overseas by American tourists and servicemen—to JFK. Typically, this money would immediately be transferred to American banks via Brink’s trucks. However, delays sometimes caused the cash delivery to arrive after the last of the trucks had left for the day, which meant it was stored at the airport until the next business day—and vulnerable to theft. (buy bitcoin)

Economic Data:

News of the Day:  

Wall Street shakes off labor market data with stimulus in focus –

U.S. Covid-19 Relief Talks Hit Snag Over Lawsuit Protections –

California has a new market to hedge against record droughts: water futures –

Explainer: Why green hydrogen is finally getting its day in the sun –

Other News & Blogs:

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Weekend Podcast Recommendations:

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Odd Lots – Why Africa Borrowed Billions of Dollars from China –

Business Brew – Dan McMurtrie – The Next Market Wizard –

Be safe while you’re buying bitcoin this weekend.

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