Market Update

Happy Friday the 13th in 2020, 

On this day in history, Wednesday, November 11th 1953, Indiana Textbook Commission member charges that Robin Hood is communist. In an example of the lengths to which the “Red Scare” in America is going, Mrs. Thomas J. White of the Indiana Textbook Commission calls for the removal of references to the book Robin Hood from textbooks used by the state’s schools. Mrs. Young claimed that there was “a communist directive in education now to stress the story of Robin Hood because he robbed the rich and gave it to the poor. That’s the communist line. It’s just a smearing of law and order and anything that disrupts law and order is their meat.” Also, his executions suck and his website crashes any time there’s market volatility. 

News of the Day:  

Stocks Climb as Earnings Temper Lockdown Fears: Markets Wrap –

Trump bans U.S. investments in companies linked to Chinese military –

G20 strikes historic debt pact to help poorer states hit by COVID –

WeWork losses mount but sees ‘seismic shift’ in office leasing to its favor –

Other News & Blogs:

The Big Lessons From History – (Doesn’t say anything about Robin Hood’s exclusion from text books) 

A Work From Home Tax –

The Glass is Half Full and Half Empty Right Now –

The State of the Multi-Billion Dollar Console Gaming Market –

Weekend Podcast Recommendations:

Masters in Business – Adam S. Posen on the Need for Fiscal Stimulus –

Odd Lots – This Is The NYSE’s Plan To Win More Direct Listings –

Infinite Loops – Michael Batnick – The Irrelevant Investor –

Invest Like the Best – Todd McKinnon – Creating and Defining a New Market Category –

Be safe out there! 

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