Portfolio Update January 26th, 2022

As of January 28th, 2022, these are my top 16 individual stock positions representing 44% of my long exposure Meta (FB) – Facebook (blue) is a near indispensable public utility. It’s the backbone of our online presence, even if we don’t login as often as we used to. Facebook and Instagram are the defining platforms […]


Bitcoin Bans & Regulations

Banning Bitcoin Bitcoin is banned in Algeria, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, North Macedonia, Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam. Bitcoin is used in all these places. Bitcoin is a censorship circumventing monetary network. As such, it’s an incredibly powerful tool against financial oppression of all kinds, including using the banking system to silence […]

Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption

It’s estimated Bitcoin consumes ~110 TWh (Terawatt Hours) per year. To put that in perspective, it’s about 0.55% of global electricity production, or roughly the same amount as small countries like Malaysia or Sweden. This was paraphrased from Nic Carter’s How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume. If you recall from Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value, Bitcoin’s […]

Bitcoin’s “Intrinsic Value”

Bitcoin’s “Intrinsic Value” Here are the things that give Bitcoin value: Engineered scarcity Its use as a store of value (or work) Network Value Permissionless payments in humanitarian efforts  Energy Investment (or security) Engineered Scarcity Bitcoin is the first asset in our universe, of which we are aware, that has absolute scarcity. Supply is not […]

Bitcoin: To my Grandma

Bitcoin is digital, decentralized, finite, fair, safe, improving, elegant, unstoppable, and volatile.  Bitcoin is digital: Bitcoin is a single, growing ledger of transactions that are hosted by computers all around the world.” It is referred to as a blockchain, and it can be thought of as internet money or a network of computers verifying the […]

Market Update

It’s a glorious day! On this day in history, April 30th, 1897, British physicist J.J. Thomson announced his discovery that atoms were made up of smaller components. This finding revolutionized the way scientists thought about the atom and had major ramifications for the field of physics. Though Thompson referred to them as “corpuscles,” what he […]

Portfolio Mini-Thesis 2/13/2021

As of February 13th, 2021 (Representing 60% of my long exposure) Here are my top 20 stock positions along with the mini-thesis of why I own them: Facebook (FB) – Facebook is a near indispensable online public utility. It’s the backbone of our online presence, even if we don’t login as often as we used […]

Market Update

Happy Friday, On this day in history, February 5th, 1637, the infamous tulip bulb bubble reached its peak. The Dutch tulip bulb bubble of 1637 is often considered the first ever speculative financial market bubble and is still referenced to this day as one of the best historical examples of irrational investor behavior. The bubble […]

2020 Performance and Look Back

In 2020 Shaperfunds generated a total return of 36.6% versus 17.88% for the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index with dividends included.  I made some colossal mistakes in 2020 and I’m not kicking myself. It was a difficult year personally and it was challenging providing financial advice when there was so much confusion and dissonance.  2020 […]